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LUG-Leuchten werden schon in Entwicklungsstufe der Produktgestaltung auf bestimmte Bereiche gezielt. Sowohl Design als auch technische und photometrische Daten werden miteinander so angepasst, um alle Normen des Projekts zu erfüllen und maximale Lichtqualität zu erreichen.




Strategic perspective for 2023 - 2026

Since 1989, we have been co-creating the European lighting market. During this time we have delivered professional lighting products and services to 75 countries around the world, driving positive infrastructural transformation. We help to save electricity and make our environment safer and more pleasant to live in. We have been making things clear for 33 years. Get to know us from a new perspective!


It will be modern, ecological and economical!

We have signed a contract for the replacement of lighting in the #Bogatynia Commune. We modernize lighting in the city and the commune - we will replace over 3,000 luminaires and over 8 kilometers of overhead line, install over 500 new poles and install a modern control system. The signed contract for the amount of PLN 9.4 million is a kind of financial security for the local government, which thanks to this modernization will save almost PLN 2 million a year. A fair energy transition starts today!


The Polish pavilion wins the #EXPO2020!

In the #WorldExpoAwards competition organized by @EXHIBITOR Magazine for 30 years, Poland won in the category of large pavilions. We are proud to participate in the lighting of this beautiful building, providing, among others CALIBRO LED, MODENA LED, RUNA luminaires and 25 PURELIGHT LUG FLOW UV-C air disinfection devices.


SAVA in the first four districts of Warsaw

550 SAVA luminaires have already arrived in Warsaw from Zielona Góra. The delivery of the luminaires is a part of the contract for nearly 40 thousand innovative street lighting luminaires for Warsaw.


We are opening a representative office in Morocco

14 February, during the visit of our representatives in Morocco, an opening event of the company’s local representative office was held. The office will function under the name LUG Maroc.


We are starting to use the new part of the LUG Research and Development Centre

The expansion of our plant in Nowy Kisielin has been completed. Thanks to the investment we have significantly increased both the storage area and the office-social space of our Research and Development Centre.

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Neue Katalog!

Die Ergebnisse unserer vollen leidenschaftlicher Arbeit legen wir als Katalog in Ihre Hände.
Hier werden Beleuchtungslösungen, die neueste LED-Technologie, das durchdachte Design und die Ausführung auf dem höchsten Niveau verbunden.