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Preussen, Ludwigsfelde, Deutschland

Replacing the fixtures at the Preussen Technological Park in Ludwigsfelde brings a new standard of lighting throughout the quarter of town where Siemens and Volkswagen, among others, have their plants. Over 6.9 kilometres of town roads, we have replaced 235 traditional discharge lamps of 165 W for modern fixtures of 36 W and 4,100 lm flux. Before this, the town was paying 36,000 Euro annually for electricity with infrastructure labour of 4,050 h per annum. Current bills do not exceed a quarter of that sum. It’s worth noting that modernisation also means there is no need to regularly replace damaged lamps, as LUG fixtures provide more than 100,000 h of failure-free operation. Savings related to maintenance can be allocated to modernising the remaining lighting in the town.

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