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Boulevard, Szczecin, Polen

New Boulevards in Szczecin was made in the "design and build" system as a continuation of the existing investment. LUG Light Factory, was selected as the exclusive supplier of luminaires. The lighting concept of the project concerned maintaining consistency with previously installed luminaires (including their shape and lighting poles) and accomplish all the assumptions contained in PL-EN 13201: 2005 "Lighting of roads" and PFU. The lighting concept proposed by our company met not only the expectations of the architect, but also all technical and quality requirements. It allowed to maintain the unique character of this place. The characteristic elements of the boulevard are the RUNA 1 LED spotlights installed in the surface of the square and four floating piers for sailors. It is also worth paying attention to achieved effect of historic illuminations Port cranes are now a decorative and historical element of the developed area. The cranes have also been highlighted from the bottom by ROTUNDA 1 LED luminaires. The UMBRELLA MAX R LED luminaires have been installed along the whole length of the boulevard. Their form refer to the sailing environment. And thanks to the DALI system and the twilight sensor equipment, they have the ability to regulate the light intensity. You can also control the lighting manually.

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