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Bałtyk, Poznań, Polen

Bałtyk is a unique building that stands out from other office buildings in Poznań, not only due to its form, which changes depending on the viewer's perspective, but also due to its glass façade illuminated from the inside. To achieve the illumination effect, the architects concieved a unified line of light fittings throughout the entire facility. LUG Light Factory developed a solution to fully implement this concept, making it possible to maintain a similar style and, additionally, meet the extremely diverse requirements of individual tenants. Several companies competed for the Bałtyk lighting contract but the experience, ingenuity and creativity of LUG Light Factory was successful and they have now installed light fittings all over the building. This was made possible thanks to the application of a common lighting system, with the same colour temperature and light intensity, as well as an individually designed and adapted lamp arrangement. Customised installation solutions were also implemented in this project, which were developed by LUG Light Factory's customisation department, composed of special trays adapted to the installation of light fittings selected for this facility. During the production of these trays, cooperation with ROKFON was established and the concept was adapted to the needs of the project together, which required the trays to be an integral part of the ceiling. Additionally, the shape of the building walls, and consequently, the multitude of different angles, was a challenge in this project. Therefore, the lighting was individually adapted to each room. However, in order to make the lighting lines coincide at each level, the trays on every floor had to be arranged in a similar manner.
Exactly 2567 VOLICA series ceiling fittings were used in the building that differ in colour, size and installation type. Due to the atypical cubage of the rooms, it was necessary to apply supplementary lighting in the form of VERTICA standing fittings, in order to ensure a sufficient amount of light for office work. Moreover, different types of LUGSTAR systems were also installed and all the fittings used in the project offer the synergy of well designed and modern LED technology. Therefore, apart from their aesthetic values, they also offer optimal energy consumption and improve the comfort and safety of employees.

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