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LUG at LIGHT & BUILDING 2014 – new designs, new ideas, new approach to LED technology

11 April 2014

Light + Building 2014 came and went – it was a time full of work and helpful feedback, providing great satisfaction. We were happy to welcome every guest that visited us during those 6 days in Frankfurt and even more pleased to see pure appreciation in the eyes of everyone who came into the LUG’s booth. 

All thanks to modern, sophisticated design of the luminaires, unparalleled during this event and new approach to LED technology. “EXPERIENCE LUG” – was our motto. We have not only introduced new products, but allowed our guests to experience their full potential, just to name few options: changeable white colour temperature, dimming, special light for professional applications etc. The great interest in LUG’s newest ideas attracted high number of visitors wanting to know more about presented LED technology.

Light + Building 2014 was a great success for LUG – new ideas and innovative approach to lighting design combined with advanced knowledge about LED technology presented during the fair, only proves how much LUG has accomplished during those 25 years of presence on the lighting market. During this time a small local company has transformed itself into an international, technologically advanced capital group.

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