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inteLUG - intelligent lighting management system

16 März 2016

LUG Light Factory proudly presents inteLUG - our latest achievement in the field of modern and effective lighting management. inteLUG is an intelligent, mobile system, that allows taking control of groups of luminaires, as well as creating scenarios for their activities to be carried out in a simple way, from anywhere in the world, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

inteLUG allows the user to take complete control over the working mode of managed luminaires and to automate the of lighting routines. The system also allows arbitrary grouping of luminaires and creation of conditions for a particular behavior, eg. in case of failure.

LUG Light Factory has done its best so that the benefits of inteLUG did not end on a simple-to-use software and a wide range of possibilities. inteLUG above all means quantifiable savings that are achieved through reducing the costs associated with luminaires’ attendance and servicing.

the inteLUG brochure

LUG Light Factory’s inteLUG is the future of effective management of lighting systems. We sincerely invite You to familiarize yourself fuller with the possibilities offered by our system in dedicated information brochure.



inteLUG - intelligent lighting management system